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Your children are your rainbow and your grandchildren your pot of gold!
My grandaughter trying on one of my hat projects.


Yarn pompoms: 5 awesome projects!

What great ideas!

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We know how much you loved our Yummy Pom pom rug project!

Pom-poms are so much fun that we want to blog about 5 more awesome projects for you to make with ’em! Without further ado,

1. Pom pom flowers:   Classy, creative and so unique, get ready to have a lot of around the coffee table conversations!

2. Pom pom toys: Make a sheep out of wool, that makes sense right?

These little pompom chicks are so cute, you could just die!

Every naughty boy needs a pompom spider!

3. Pompom Snow Man: So what if it doesn’t snow in India, we can make snowmen too, anytime of the year!

snowman christmas crafts - blue pom pom snowman

4. Pompom heart:  ‘I give you my heart’ fluffly soft pompom heart is as good as a warm tight hug!

5. Pompom garlands: Add some color to your party with handmade pom pom garlands, you can whip…

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New project

New project

After a busy week with my my gorgeous grandchildren staying over.The house is now so quiet.
I now have the time to catch with some winter projects for my etsy shop.

knitted headband

knitted headband

my grandaughter was happy to model this headband ,
part of my winter collection for my etsy shop.